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How Whey Protein Powder Aids Weight Gain

How Whey Protein Powder Aids Weight Gain

Whey protein powder has been one of the popular supplements that people include in their diet in order to gain weight. It is a processed form of protein that is naturally present in dairy products, a form easy to reconstitute. The approach is best suited for individuals with naturally fast metabolism. Basically, whey protein encompass high levels of essential and branched chain amino acids needed for building lean muscle mass.

Weight Gain with Whey Protein Powder


  • Body utilise most of the amino acids present in whey protein to help tissue repair and recovery after exercise. In comparison to other protein sources, such as casein, whey proteins have higher biological value (BV), which means these get digested very easily immediately after workouts, when the need of recovery is the most.
  • These get absorbed quickly when consumed in a liquid form. Moreover, the whey protein powder is exceptionally quick to stimulate rapid muscle protein synthesis, facilitating muscle growth.
  • The dosage of whey protein powder for weight gain depends on body size, weight and physical exercise you are performing. Weight gain asks for 500 calories per day which is over and above daily intake for gaining weight;  the proportion of protein in your daily diet must be 10 to 15 per cent.
  • Individuals must ensure that they engage in regular resistance training program during the weight gaining process. Otherwise, excess calories together with whey protein powder will  accumulate as fat.
  • Whey protein powder is advised to be consumed along with carbohydrates. A fruit juice rich in carbohydrates together with whey protein powder stimulates insulin secretion to increase muscle mass. The combination also increases the absorption capacity of amino acids in muscles.
  • Whey protein powder supplements are usually safe for most people, but a nutritionist should be consulted before making it an integral part of dietary regimen for weight gain, so as to nullify the negative impact and prevent potential medical conditions.
  • Besides muscle mass gain, whey protein powder encourages maximal strength, speed training and muscular endurance.

Most of the whey protein powder supplements available in the market tout themselves to be the ideal solution put on lean muscle mass. You must be cautious of gimmicks while choosing a supplement for weight gain. Moreover, a health care provider should be consulted in advance to rule out health threats, kidney problems in particular.



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