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Prunes: a Super Food for Weight Loss? Not really

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Some of us believe prunes or “dried plums” to be a dieter’s friend. If you think the same, think again. Though prunes are relatively high in calories for their sizes, they do supply a powerful dose of fiber to your diet. But be cautious! Add them only in small quantities to your meal. Find how your body can have a love-hate relationship with prunes:

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• Prunes or prune juice is a great aid for constipation but fasting on it to lose weight can prove to be dangerous for the abdomen.
• A single prune contains more than half a gram of fiber and more than one gram of sorbitol (a carbohydrate that our bodies do not absorb well). The healthy enzymes and fiber in prune juice help the digestive system to eliminate waste but excess (more than 4 ounces a day) can lead to massive diarrhea.
• Prunes are a rich source of bone-building vitamin K, heart-healthy fiber and potassium.
•  But people with existing and untreated kidney or gallbladder problems might want to avoid the dry fruit for it contains measurable amount of oxalates.
A lot of people follow the fashion of drinking only prune juice with one or no meal in order to shed the extra kilos. This is where the idea goes wrong. Read on to know how:
• Since it is a laxative that helps correct your bowel movements, it will produce an urge of evacuating the bowel.
• With nothing to pass out of the digestive tract, an irritation will be caused in the intestines as a result of constant contraction.
• This leads to the body passing out water in the form of essential nutrients. Quickly, body loses water retention. And with the lack of calories and constant discharge of watery stool, body loses weight.
• This is no reason to celebrate because along with all the trouble of rushing to the washroom all the time, body also becomes lethargic and fatigued.
• Also, as soon as you stop taking the prune diet, the weight will be regained as the body will pull together to work normally again.

Prune’s soluble fiber makes it a fulfilling meal which prevents overeating but the quantity of intake needs to be minded. Prune juice diet does seem effective in losing weight but is not highly recommended. They are a sweet way to a fat-free laxative fiber to your body. So, just snack away but don’t go overboard.

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