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Mental Coping Strategies During Hurricane Season and Other Natural Disasters

For people living in the path of a hurricane, the anxiety and distress can be overwhelming. Uncertainty about housing, work schedules and other life tasks increase when people are evacuated. Legitimate concerns about damage and destruction to homes, streets, and infrastructure accelerate in the midst of constant news about the …

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Natural weight gain supplements | Healthy Diet for Weight Gain

Weight gain supplements such as pills, shakes and other products make unrealistic promises to consumers looking to gain weight. Natural weight gain supplements give you an edge towards your weight-loss goal, without inflicting harm to your health. There are many weight-gain supplements that are available in the market, not all …

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2 Safe and Natural Alternatives to deal with Kids Cough and Cold

Children get around 10 to 12 colds every year and their parents usually want to give them quick relief from the symptoms. In most cases, parents give their children either prescribed medicines or over-the-counter syrups or medicines. However, authorities have recently expressed their concerns over giving these medicines and syrups …

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